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Tips to write a "resume" (CV - Curriculum Vitae)

Posted By Ruy and Patry On 4:47 PM TAGS: , ,
If you are applying for a job of any domain you must remember that you are trying to sell yourself (your services) to the employers.
Here are same TIPS that you must remember:

• The immediate objective of your "resume" (CV) is to get a chance for an interview.

• Highlight your qualities briefly.

• Give your complete particulars as desired by the prospective employer in a simple and straight forward manner.

• Type the "resume" (CV) neatly and correctly in a formatted way.

• The format should be closely like that of a business letter.

• Must be free from all kinds of mistakes particularly spelling.
Be careful with each and every word you write.

• Do not use sentences like: ‘hoping for the favor of an early assuring of my best services!” & similar phrases.
These will "irritate the HR" and will filter out your application in the initial stages only.

• Do not send cyclostyled, photo copy versions.

• Send the original typed "resume" (CV), not the duplicate version of any kind.

• Include any thing that you feel to be a addition skill under a sub heading of Value addition.

• Mention your achievements whether they are big or smaller ones they really matter a lot.

• The "resume" (CV) contents need not be extraordinary since they expect you to be perfect in what ever you included. So have only such things written in it.

I hope that these tips ensure certainty and increase the chances of getting a job you desired to get.
Good Luck.

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